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Questions?  Email or call (805) 690-4574. or scroll below for a list of benefits and rules.
Please note:  Buellton, Los Olivos, Santa Maria, Arroyo Grande and Santa Barbara Mug Clubs are currently full.

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Be sure to check your email for special deals during your birthday month.

Mug Club Monday

We love our Muggers! During Mug Club Monday, Davy Brown Mug Club members get $2-off mugs all day long in all taprooms!

15% off all the time! 

Receive 15% off your merchandise and beer-to-go orders every day.  Show your Mug Club card to redeem this discount.

Mug Club News 

Check your email for special events, deals, merchandise and text-only deals.



A numbered, 25 oz. mug that you can fill with (and only with) Figueroa Mountain beer every time you come to any FigMtnBrew taproom (a guest mug will be provided to you when you are not at your home taproom).That's 25oz of beer for the same price as a pint! Half mugs are half-priced.


15% off discount toward all beer to go (kegs, cases, 6-packs, growlers, crowlers and growlettes) & all merchandise in our taprooms.

mugger ID

All muggers receive an ID that can be used as a loyalty card.  Mugger IDs must be shown with your photo ID when ordering.


You will periodically receive emails with special mugger discounts, Mug Club-only events and special opportunities.

Quarterly Mug Club Appreciation Parties

We appreciate you!  To show you how, we’re throwing 4 parties a year at your home base taproom with beer, food, activities and more!

Quarterly Mug Club Field Trips 

All Muggers will have the opportunity to join us for trips such as fishing, sports games, camping and more.  Spaces will be limited and on a first come, first served basis.

Pre-Release Tickets 

Muggers get the first opportunity to purchase tickets for major events like our Lagerville and ticketed beer release events before they are sold to the public.

Pre-Release Beers 

You’ll have the opportunity to purchase bottled beers in advance of their release date whenever possible.  You will be notified via email of these opportunities.

Birthday Deals

During your birthday week come in and enjoy a "boot" of beer on us at the taproom your membership is out of.


Mug Club membership costs $150 per year and is paid annually.  If you renew in a different month than when you joined, your membership renewal will be pro-rated.


Below are the final dates to renew your membership:

Arroyo Grande:  October 31, 2020

Buellton:  August 31, 2021

Los Olivos: June 30, 2021

Santa Barbara: August 31, 2021

Santa Maria:  February 28, 2021

Westlake Village:  March 31, 2021


Your mug can only be used by you and cannot be sold or transferred.

 Some beers may not be available in a 25 oz. pour such as Future Ex-Wife and 9th Anniversary.  Alternative serving sizes will be sold.

Any beverage other than craft beer (a.k.a. beer floats, cocktails, wine or soda) are not able to be served in your mug. 

Your mug cannot be used by any friends or family, even if you have given permission.

Your discount only applies to purchases made by you.

Please always carry an id with you—our servers may ask for it along with your Mugger ID.

Mug Club members must reside within a 15-mile radius of the taproom in order to purchase a membership.  If you do not reside within the designated area, please contact our Mug Club Manager to discuss why you feel you should be eligible for membership (i.e. you work near the taproom and frequently come to the taproom after work)

Memberships are non-refundable.  If you choose to discontinue membership at the renewal period we will reserve the right to sell your mug to another prospective member.  All mugs are the property of Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company.  All mugs must remain on property.

Only one membership per person is allowed (example: you can not have a membership at multiple taprooms).

Your mug cannot be removed from the taproom under any circumstance.  If you remove your mug from the taproom you risk forfeiting your membership with no refund.

We expect all mug club members to be courteous, kind and well behaved.  Your Taproom Manager can revoke your membership at any time due to inappropriate conduct.

Broken mugs: if your mug is broken by our staff, we will replace your mug as soon as possible and offer you a loaner mug.  If you break your mug, we will ask for a nominal replacement fee. Please contact the Mug Club Manager if your mug has been broken.

Contact information: we require an email address from all muggers in order to keep you up-to-date with special Mugger only events and promotions.  We also require a phone number in case we should need an alternate method of contact.

Founders Club (Buellton, downstairs): All Founders must use their mug once per quarter in order to maintain their membership. If the mug isn't used once per quarter the membership will be revoked.