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President and Co-founder


Agua Santa


Growing up in the Santa Ynez Valley, Jaime Dietenhofer was surrounded by wine. So it was a bit of a surprise when his family discovered his passion for craft beer and dream of starting a brewery. Before he was able to follow his dream his father, Jim, told him he had to go to college. While attending Whitman College, his year abroad in Austria fed his craft beer passion but his father said he need to continue his education so he graduated with a Masters in Environmental Studies from UCSB Bren School. Soon after, Jaime co-founded a startup called Garage Envy which he sold in 2014. Meanwhile his passion for craft beer never subsided and he concurrently worked on starting Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company with his father. In 2010, his dream came true with a production brewery opening in Buellton, California. Four years later he and his family now operate six taprooms and a production brewery that provides craft beer throughout the state.

• Lived in Austria during 1998 while studying abroad, where his love for beer grew
• Left-Handed
• Can eat French's mustard by the bottle. Eats mustard on his waffles.
• Learned to speak German
Played 4 years of soccer at Whitman College in Washington
• Gray's Anatomy the famous medical book used to train doctor's is Jaime's relative (Jaime Gray Dietenhofer)

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