Cheyenne Agin

Keeper of Culture

Fast Facts

  • I was a scholar athlete for Cal State Bakersfield Women's Basketball (Go Runners!)
  • I may look tall compared to some at Fig but I am the shrimp of the my family
  • Jell-O shots are a staple in my fridge... Milk, eggs, Jell-O shots, Check!
  • If I can't dance, I don't want to go
  • If I'm not at Fig, you will find me on the rodeo circuit photographing the event.  Check out my rodeo life here.
  • My everyday man crush is JJ Watt. JJ, if you're reading this hit me up and I will bring you some "Zero to Sexy"

Currently Enjoying

Danish Red Lager


In Cheyenne's words

Spice Up Your Fries

Fries and beer create the perfect snack! Switch it up by dipping your fries into our Hoppy Poppy Green Hot sauce. Of course pair this with Hoppy Poppy or our other IPA's such as Lizard' more

Spice Up Your Fries

Written Dec 04 By Cheyenne Agin