Our Brewing Process

2 | Mashing

Milled grain is mixed with hot water at a specific temperature to form the "mash" and activates the malt's natural enzymes that break starches down into smaller, digestible sugars.

1 | Milling

We mill to crack the grain in half so that water can penetrate the endosperm.

3 | Recirculation

After mashing, the "wort" is run out of the bottom of the mash through a screen and collected in an intermediate vessel called a "grant" and recirculated until it runs clear and glassy.

4 | Lautering & Sparging

The wort is strained out of the mash ("lautered") into the kettle. A hot water spray ("sparge") on the grain rinses out a maximum amount of extract.

5 | Boiling & Whirlpooling

The wort is brought to a boil and hops are added at varying times for bittering, flavor and aroma. The wort is pumped into a circle for clarity. 

6 | Cooling

The settled wort is then cooled to fermentation temperature.

7 | Fermentation

Yeast is added to the fermenter where it converts the malt sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

8 | Conditioning

The beer is aged or conditioned for a long period of time to smooth out the edges and develop its complexity.

9 | Filtration

Some of our brews are coarsely filtered to remove yeast from solution and produce a bright, brilliantly clear beer. 

10 | Carbonation

Carbon dioxide is gently bubbled through the bright beer and absorbed into solution, slowly carbonating the beer.