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Fig Family


Davy Brown Ale


• I was voted "most dependable" in 6th grade.
• I played setter on my volleyball team in high school, and for the FMB volleyball team now.
• My favorite beer is Davy Brown Ale.
• I developed an appreciation for the rain while attending college in Tacoma (near Seattle), WA, and wish it would rain here more!
• I am a biologist and could happily spend all day bird-watching on bird surveys.
While studying abroad in Vienna, Austria, I lived above an "adult interests" shop. It was interesting. (Jaime may have the same fast fact, as he lived there too.)
• My Danish grandparents moved to Solvang in the early 1900s to work on a dairy in Buellton and at the Atterdag Danish Folk School in Solvang, and to mine quicksilver (mercury) in the local mountains.
• My favorite activity to do with my kids is gardening in the back yard.

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