Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.

FigMtnBrew Collaborates with Melville Winery for New Beer Blend

Posted by Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. on August 15, 2016


Former Head Brewer, Mike Hasting, collaborated with Chad from Melville Winery's Estate to create "C'est La Viognier," a barrel-aged golden Belgian strong ale blended with Viognier Grape Must.


Life is short so why not try something new?  Our Golden Belgian Strong with Viognier grape must from Melville winery’s estate has been aged in neutral Viognier barrels for a beer unlike any other.  A bit like life, this beer has many layers of complexity.   A tart acidity will awaken your senses to the hints of green apple from the grape must.  Slight notes of spice from the Belgian yeast add some “Je ne sais quoi”, leaving you to analyze the flavor profile like you would a glass of, well, Viognier.  Raise a glass and drink up because “C’est La Viognier!”