Hoppy Poppy Inspiration

Posted by on May 02, 2016


Our most popular beer and one of the earliest beers we ever brewed at Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company, Hoppy Poppy is a West Coast India Pale Ale bursting with a floral bouquet and notes of citrus and pine.  It is brewed with Cascade, Columbus and Centennial hops and a sprinkling of poppy seeds.  We wanted to film a video about how special this beer is to us and where it got its name.

If you've seen our Lizard's Mouth Imperial IPA commercial then you now know what inspired us to name the aromatic IPA after a local landmark.  Now we want to give you an inside look into why we named Hoppy Poppy its name.  While it may seem obvious, Hoppy Poppy was inspired by California's official state flower: the poppy.  However, there is so much more behind the name.  If you have ever been on Figueroa Mountain in the spring or driven down country roads in the Santa Ynez Valley, you know that poppies represent new life.  The poppies always come out in March and April and line the streets and mountainsides with their orange brilliance.  They tend to grow in the rocky, dirty soil where few other flowers bloom in addition to steep slopes facing the sun where the temperature rises during the day.  After a long, dry California fall where the landscape turns a bit grey, the poppies remind us of nature's beauty.

It's important to us at Fig to embrace family and community.  We are so grateful to live in a beautiful place and our beers represent that gratitude.  Our latest commercial features Hoppy Poppy and the inspiration behind the beer.  A local cycling team that we sponsor, aptly named Fig Mtn Brew Racing, graciously participated in the filming.  Our videographer, Jesse Natale sat in the back of his SUV with the hatch down while his brother Marcus drove.  I held my breath while we navigated some tight turns next to the talented cycling team.  They knew what they were doing and showed us why they win so many races.  There is something so beautiful about a group of people riding in formation.  Not unlike a flock of geese as they race across the sky.  The cyclists were tough as they battled cold winds but the view of Grass Mountain covered in poppies was enough to make it all worthwile.


Good friends of the Dietenhofers, the Pinoli family, also came along for the ride, so to speak, and let us film them as they went on a family walk and had a picnic in a field of poppies.  They are avid hikers, campers and nature lovers.  Alan and his wife Cammy take their children up to the mountain all of the time and regularly meet friends for hikes into the Los Padres Forest.  It was fun hearing stories about their adventures on Figueroa Mountain.


We hope you enjoy this video featuring the song "Young and Restless" by Bjorn and the Sun.  A lot of love, and IPA, went into the making of this piece.

For more information about Hoppy Poppy IPA or to watch the video on our Hoppy Poppy page, click here.