Cory Murphy

Westlake Village Assistant Taproom Manager

Fast Facts

  • I can juggle
  • I've been to over 100 breweries  
  • I do a great R2D2 Impression
  • I broke my arm in the 3rd grade impressing a boy (Drew Johnson)
  • In summer camp as a child, I would tell all the kids I was related to Eddie Murphy so they would give me their snacks and let me go first for activities.

Currently Enjoying


In Cory's words

Introducing Point Conception IPA

Co-Founder Jaime Dietenhofer & Creative Director Kevin Ashford introduce Point Conception IPA, a delicious West Coast IPA with a Central Coast kick. Coming February 2019!read more

Introducing Point Conception IPA

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A New IPA Is On the Horizon

Creative Director Kevin Ashford and Co-Founder Jaime Dietenhofer share what they are looking for in a brand new, well-rounded IPA arriving to our core lineup early next more

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Hop Season: Figueroa Mountain Brewing Journies to Hop Country

In preparation for exciting new releases in 2019, Figueroa Mountain travels up to the Pacific Northwest to find the perfect hops. Here's what we more

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