Kay Hoffman

Human Resources Manager

A graduate of Bishop Diego High School, I spent 3 semesters at Chico State before returning to Santa Barbara and the Hotel Restaurant Management program at the City College.  After many years of long days and even longer nights I left the restaurant world for the Corporate world.  While working full time I went back to school to earn my degree.  My career has taken me from scooping Ice Cream at a Swenson's Ice Cream Parlor to a Fortune 200 and everything in between. I couldn't be happier to call Figueroa Mountain home!

Fast Facts

  • When I was a kid my family moved to Spain for a year. I went to a school where no one spoke a word of English so I had to learn how to read, write and speak Spanish  quickly.

  • A childhood friend is an LPGA teaching pro from whom I was very fortunate to take golf lessons. We get together to play a round as often as possible, which unfortunately isn't all that often these days.

  • My dad has always had a passion for art, he even taught at Adult Ed for several years. So a few years ago I asked if he'd teach me how to paint. Not only has he taught me a lot about color, shading, shadow and perspective, I've found that I actually have artistic talent that I never knew I had.

  • Whenever I go out to eat I still have to sit in the seat with my back to the wall.  It comes from years of managing restaurants, I have to see what is going on around me at all times, even if I'm not going to do anything about it!


Currently Enjoying


In Kay's words

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Coming Soon: Schraderbräu Beer!

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