Benefit Fundraiser for Dawn Webb

May 04, 2017 - All day in Buellton

Join us in BU this Thursday for a Benefit Fundraiser for one of our beloved FigFam Members. Dawn Webb is the beautiful mother of BU Bartender Austin Webb and the wife of BU Mugger 241 Rob Webb. She was recently diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, and FigMtn is ready to fight along side her.  BU will be donating a portion of their revenue for the entire day, and will be holding a BBQ at 4:00pm. Cash is encouraged. See you then! 

Dawn Webb was recently diagnosed with fourth stage breast cancer.  After kicking cancer's ass five years ago and taking all the right and recommended actions to keep it at bay, this news came as a complete shock to her family, friends, and doctors.  Dawn is now fighting to rid most of her body of this deadly disease with an aggressive regiment of radiation and chemotherapy.  Dawn is a fighter and has the overwhelming love and support of her hubby, two boys, and loving friends (the extended family).

Come out and show your support!

$20 for plate (Food only, $10) and beer ticket. 

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