Kevin Lara

Zero to Sexy: A Seasonal, Santa Barbara Collaboration

Posted by Kevin Lara on March 06, 2019



When a premium chocolate shop is just half a mile away from your brewhouse, and a coffee roaster is even closer in the opposite direction, the idea for a local collaboration is a no-brainer. Brewing Zero to Sexy, our Golden Mocha Ale, is more than just adding medium-roast coffee beans and cacao nibs into our American Blonde recipe. It’s a seasonal celebration of our Santa Barbara roots, and one of the most exciting projects made possible with locally grown ingredients. 

Zero to Sexy, the first installment of our seasonal rotation releases, only comes around once a year. It’s a beer that Santa Barbara locals look forward to, and this year, we’re happily sharing it with the rest of California in a new format: cans! You can find 6-packs near you with our Beer Finder. 

For the uninitiated, Zero to Sexy is a delicious golden mocha ale that appears deceptively simple. But as you bring this beer closer, the enticing aromas of chocolate and coffee prime your senses. Hand-roasted coffee from our friends at Santa Barbara Roasting Co. combine with carefully selected cacao nibs from the Twenty-Four Blackbirds team for an unforgettable Santa Barbara-made brew. 

Santa Barbara Roasting Company 

When your brewers are daily coffee drinkers, it’s almost impossible to not get a morning cup of coffee from your local coffee shop. Located just up State Street from our Santa Barbara taproom and brewhouse, Santa Barbara Roasting Company (or as we call it, RoCo) has been a family-owned coffee roaster since 1989. Slowly roasting their coffee beans in small batches, the café is overflowing with incredible roasty aromas that immediately captivated our brewteam. 

RoCo offers over 70 varieties of coffee, ranging from blends, single origins, flavored, decaf and naturally grown coffees. When it came time to brew Zero to Sexy, RoCo offered perfect, naturally grown, medium-roasted coffee beans, imparting delicious flavors and aromas of a fresh-brewed coffee but without being too overwhelming. 

Twenty-Four Blackbirds 


While coffee beans alone give this beer a delicious, roasty kick, we wanted to take this golden ale a step further with even more flavors to complement the roasty flavor profile. Fortunately, Santa Barbara is also home to Twenty-Four Blackbirds, a premium chocolate shop that sources unroasted cocoa beans from all over the world. Founded by Mike Orlando, Twenty-Four uses traditional chocolate making techniques in order to create artisanal confections. 

For Zero to Sexy, Twenty-Four provided cacao nibs sourced from Öko Caribe, a cocoa-farming cooperative in the Duarte province of the Dominican Republic. Known for its malty cocoa flavor and slight nuttiness, the cacao nibs blended perfectly with the coffee notes to add even creamier, more chocolately flavors and aromas to make Zero to Sexy a smooth, flavorful experience all around. 


Zero to Sexy (7.2% ABV, 30 IBU) is still available, but only for a limited time. Be sure to try this Santa Barbara brew at any of our taprooms, or find cans near you! 

Special thanks to our local collaborators for making Zero to Sexy possible!