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Fig Fam Cleanup @ Red Rock

Posted by Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. on September 12, 2017


Fig Fam and Los Padres ForestWatch Partener for Cleanup at Red Rock

A group of 16 volunteers from Los Padres ForestWatch, the Fig Fam and the Davy Brown Mug Club joined forces to help pull out over 100lbs of trash from the Red Rock swimming area. The volunteers stuffed grain bags repurposed as trash bags with any garbage they could find floating in the water, stuffed in bushes, or piled on rocks. Our dedicated group pulled out everything from plastic bottles to diapers in an effort to clean up the mess left behind by Labor Day crowds.


Red Rock is a popular swimming hole in a slow bend of the Santa Ynez River located just outside of Santa Barbara. It's slow moving water and rocky ledges to jump from draw large crowds, especially in the summer when it is one of the only reliable fresh water swimming areas. Unfortunately, large crouds can leave behind large amounts of trash. 


Our group met up at the Red Rock trailhead at the end of Paradise Road (the inspiration for Paradise Pilsner) and started the short hike before the temperature got too hot. Once there, the group spread out, grabbing trash from trees, between rocks, and even in the water. 


We are grateful for any opportunity we have to give back to the community we are a part of and thankful that Los Padres ForestWatch chose us as a partner for the event. As a small way to show our thanks for the work Los Padres ForestWatch does, we will be donating our used grain bags to the organization to be used for trash collection and transportation. With the success of this cleanup, Figueroa Mountain and Los Padres ForestWatch plan to continue our partnership and hold quarterly clean up events at different locations in the area. Keep an eye out for our next event in January 2018!