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Lagerville Super Collab is Coming Soon!

Posted by Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. on May 14, 2019



We love lagers. We love brewing lagers with our friends even more. It only seemed fitting that for our second annual Lagerville, we would invite some of our favorite breweries into our Buellton brewhouse to create something special for this year's festival.


Later this summer on July 13, we’ll be celebrating our 2nd annual Lagerville! To commemorate it, we’re brewing an uber-collaboration! We joined forced with Topa Topa, Beachwood, Eppig and Alvarado Street to create a delicious Italian-style Pilsner inspired by our favorite lagers in Europe.



When you brew an Italian-Style Pilsner, only European ingredients will suffice. For our Lagerville super collab, we're using plenty of Italian-grown Pilsner malt produced from Eraclea barley, which is grown near the Adriatic Sea in the northeast of Italy's Veneto region. With its malty-sweet aroma and notes of honey, this malt combined with European hops will create distinct notes of flowers, currants, and spiced grass, making you shout "Che bella birra!" with every sip.



Lagerville will be available later this summer as a special seasonal release, and available during our Lagerville festival on July 13! Don't miss out. Tickets are now available at