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Coming Soon: Schraderbräu Beer!

Posted by Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. on March 20, 2019


"Here's to good friends,
tonight is kind of special.
The beer we'll pour,
must say something more somehow.
So tonight, tonight...
Let it be Schräderbrä

As Hank Schrader once said: "brewing is an art form." We take those words to heart. So we're joining up with our good friend Dean Norris and Sony Pictures to create a long-awaited beer that's been "brewed to silky perfection."  

Dean Norris, aka Hank Schrader from AMC’s hit TV Series Breaking Bad, announced today that he has signed a licensing agreement with Sony Pictures Entertainment to produce Schraderbräu Beer for public consumption. Schraderbräu, the homebrew beer made by Walter White’s DEA agent brother-in-law, Hank Schrader, is one of the key in-universe brands created specifically for Breaking Bad by series creator Vince Gilligan.

“I’m proud and excited to partner with Sony and Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. to bring the public a product I’ve been passionate about for quite a while. I, along with the team at Figueroa Mountain, have worked very hard on developing a recipe that would not only be an award level craft brew that true beer aficionados will love, but also with a drinkability that appeals to a larger audience. We took a lot of time and effort to create a beer (the research was quite enjoyable!) that is worthy of the show it comes from and we think the result is fantastic. Or to put it another way, it’s a beer that has been brewed to silky perfection,” said Dean Norris. 

“This is a project we have been thinking about for a long time and we are so excited that Dean has decided to take it on” said Susan Pierce, Executive Director Hardlines Sony Pictures Worldwide. “The beer is delicious, and we can’t wait for consumers to get their first taste! This will be a must have for Breaking Bad fans across the country.” 

We are very excited for this opportunity, not only as fans for Dean Norris and the Breaking Bad franchise, but in crafting a top-notch lager for beer lovers to enjoy! Schraderbräu and its merchandise will be available in Spring 2019, via distribution and retail partners to be announced at a later date.

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