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Brewing German Tradition in the Central Coast

Posted by Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. on September 19, 2018


Before the bratwursts, dances, and steins filled with beer, there was a small village in the Franconian Heights of Bavaria, Germany. 


Dietenhofen, as the legends say, was founded when three nobel maidens became lost in the south of Germany. Their saving grace was following the song of a shepherd's horn. Grateful for their rescue, they built a chapel to commemorate their encounter. And so began the municipality of Dietenhofen, just 125 miles north of Munich.

As Dietenhofers, our founders' German roots go back as far as 1000 A.D., just 800 years before the first "Oktoberfest" festival. Today, we proudly embrace our German heritage not just by brewing beer, but creating German-style lagers as traditionally as possible.

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"Most of the raw materials for our lagershops, malts, and water profilesare German," says Kevin Ashford, Creative Director of Brewing.

"Our approach is to do right by the classic styles we are aiming to create. This means doing our research in reference to typical ingredients used in the style, developing water profiles that are representative of the German region where the beer is from, and choosing yeast that brings it all together."

This month, we're bringing plenty of traditional German-style beers to our taprooms, including two of our most popular Bavarian-inspired lagers.


5.3% ABV, 23 IBU


No German beer is more celebratory than the Oktoberfest-style lager, or "Festbier." Our Figtoberfest is a golden, medium-bodied lager. Much like classic renditions of this style, it has notes of cracker honey, and gentle toast. Meadowy characteristics are present from the use of the German noble hop varietals. This helps balance malt sweetness with floral aromas and flavors.

Figtoberfest is brewed in the more contemporary style of Oktoberfest.

"A lot of people still think Oktoberfest means people drink Märzen, but these days people are really drinking a new-age festbier," Ashford said.

"This evolution of the Oktoberfest-style lager is significantly lighter in color, and lower in alcohol. It also typically doesn't have as much malt character which Märzen is so well known for, but it still has the traditional flavors that millions of people travel to Germany for."

I Dunkeled In My Pants

5.4% ABV, 20 IBU


I Dunkeled In My Pants is our award-winning, traditional malt-foward Bavarian dark lager with a deep ruby red color. With cola aromas and flavors of caramel and subtle roast, this Dunkel has a super smooth finish that earned itself three gold medals (2 World Beer Cups, 1 GABF Gold Medal.)

Traditionally brewed in Munich, this Dunkel is brewed with 100% German ingredients. It's a lot lighter than people think in terms of it's flavor and texture, and it's one of the many traditional German styles that we have proudly mastered here in the Central Coast.

Figtoberfest and I Dunkeled In My Pants are on tap tomorrow, September 20 for our monthly Third Thirstday! 6-packs of Figtoberfest will also be available at all taprooms and throughout our distributed markets. Enjoy it on draft at a taproom near you:

Don't miss our 2018 Figtoberfest celebration on September 29th, including German food, games, music, costume contest and plenty of German-style craft beers. Celebrate at our Buellton HQ and at each of our taproom locations. More info: